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Cynthia Farahat, Michael S. Smith II, Diana West, Jim Hanson

September 26th, 2012

With Cynthia Farahat, Michael S. Smith II, Diana West, and Jim Hanson.

The de facto policy of inaction in the face of Egyptian demands. High profile terror leaders such as Sufian bin Kumu were released back to Libya and after the fall of Gaddafi have returned to the battlefield. Now the release of the Blind Sheik has been requested. How will the Obama administration handle these challenges moving forward? MICHAEL S. SMITH II contributes.

While president Morsi of Egypt is demanding restriction against inflammatory language against Islam, Coptic Christians in Egypt are facing prosecutions and death threats en masse.  Meanwhile President Morsi is dedicated to the release of the Blink Sheik. CYNTHIA FARAHAT discusses these issues with the Hon. Fred Grandy.

Obama's speech at the UN this week contained many statements that should raise eyebrows. Among them: “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”. DIANA WEST discusses what this statement means and the implications for US policy, and more importantly the First Amendment.

Where has quiet professionalism gone? JIM HANSON criticizes the Obama administration as well as a former member of US Special Forces for releasing secret details regarding mission operations and tactics.