David Satter, Senator Jon Kyl, John Fonte, Gordon Chang

What will 12 more years of authoritarian Putin rule mean for democracy in Russia and the future of US-Russia relations? Expert on Russia and the Soviet Union and author of the Age of Delirium: The Decline and Fall of the Soviet Union, David Satter relays his views on the recent disclosure by Vladimir Putin that he will switch places with the current President, Dmitry Medvedev. What does this switch mean for the international community and, more importantly, for the national security of the United States? By admitting Putin has more influence in Russia than Medvedev, he is dropping any pretense that there is political competition in Russia. The Russian leadership wanted to be perceived as a democracy, without being one in reality. This sort of leadership is a throwback to the Soviet regime, which attempted to create a substitute for reality based merely on ideology. This habit of fooling and manipulating is deeply rooted in modern Russian culture. If this continues, Western leaders such as Obama will continue to be seduced by the Kremlin-like Russian government.

Next, Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona joins Frank to give his expert opinion on how Putin “ripped the mask off of” the current affairs in Russia. According to Senator Kyl, this is merely a continuation of the Soviet days, where the leadership took any effort to advance Russian interests, while harming those of the United States. The Obama administration is further curbing US interests abroad and exposing our weaknesses by ratifying the New START treaty. While this treaty is the most important treaty passed with the Russians for President Obama, it was an ill-advised method of arms reduction. The only means of reducing the impact that this treaty will have on the United States under the leadership of President Obama, argues Senator Kyl, is instigating a major push back from the Senate. The Senate must make its voice heard in order to stop Obama from reducing our nuclear deterrent plan. Additionally, the United States, by putting defense on the chopping block is “inviting trouble by not being strong.”

John Fonte, of the Hudson Institute discusses his new book, “Sovereignty or Submission: Will Americans Rule Themselves or be Ruled by Others?” Sovereignty can simply be defined as a “self-government political community with nothing ruling above the Constitution.” The globalist movement occurring within the United States is sabotaging the supremacy of the Constitution. In the minds of these globalists, international law should dictate rulings in the American Supreme Court. This “downloading of international law” into the American judiciary system is even threatening to define the US’s role in war. According to Protocol 1 of the Geneva Convention, of which the United States is not a signatory, bombing raids can only be carried out after notifying civilians in the region. This has no place in the constitutional judiciary system, as judges should interpret law and not create it.

Writer at Forbes.com and resident China expert here at Secure Freedom Radio, Gordon Chang concludes today’s show with the Chinese angle on Putin’s decision to swap places with Medvedev. Putin has always had an interesting relationship with China, as he is on the one hand competing with them and on the other hand participating in mischievous deeds with Beijing. However, Russia is facing the continued threat from the Chinese who are crossing the border and settling in far-east Russia. These Chinese are boosting the economy from trading and other industrious activities. This could be seen as an attempt by the Chinese to reclaim the portion of Siberia that they lost during the Qing Dynasty.

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