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Diana West, Amb. John Bolton, Rep. Doug Lamborn, Roger Noriega

March 15th, 2012

Part of the new Afghan strategy is to not just minimize civilian casualties, but also completely eliminate them. Obama focuses more on civilian deaths at the hands of US troops than civilian deaths at the hands of the Taliban. US forces account for 7% of civilian deaths while the Taliban are responsible for 93% yet no one talks about this. Diana West tries to explain why the US government only focuses on American faults instead of triumphs and why they hold their own troops accountable while giving the Taliban a pass to do as they please.

Space is the final frontier and America needs to play a dominant role in that frontier. Former Ambassador John Bolton claims the Obama Administration is doing their part to ensure that not only does America not play a role in space, but also allow our enemies use space to their strategic advantage.

Congressman Doug Lamborn details how the Chinese are corning the market on rare earth minerals. These minerals are used in electronics such as flat screen televisions and military equipment. China owns about 95% of these minerals, so what is the Obama Administration going to do about this monopoly?

Hezbollah is active in Latin America, Iran is pushing for more influence in the region and more and more democracies are crumbling. What is the future of Latin America and can the United States help mold this important region into a thriving democracy? Roger Noriega gives his take on the sad future of America’s front-yard.

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