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Diana West, Christian Adams, Gordon Chang

December 5th, 2011

Diana West spends two segments with Frank to explain the future of Afghanistan after the 2014 U.S. troop pullout. In an upcoming conference pertaining to Afghanistan’s future, the EU and US are working together to develop a new program called the “New Silk Road.” This will create a pipeline from Asia to Europe for the purpose of commerce. Roads in Afghanistan are not safe as they are; add money to the mix and these roads will become suicidal. After 2014, America will be leaving an environment of chaos with Taliban and Iranian influence along with broken civil works. Without supreme victory in Afghanistan, what will America have accomplished in Afghanistan when we pull out? Without destroying the Taliban, what will keep them from coming back after American troops leave? West also explains how liberal ideologues in Afghanistan are trying to create a perfect society and change the Muslim man. This is unrealistic and costing lives because troops are trying to change a culture which enrages the members of that culture. When will Obama open his eyes and look at Afghanistan through a realistic perspective instead of liberal social experiment? Are the troops in Afghanistan submitting to Sharia? Policies governing US troops are requiring them to show respect to Islam and honor Islamic cultural practices and these policies dictate military behavior. Who is leading the American armed forces? Isn’t this form of submission exactly what the Islamists want and fight for? What will come out of the conference between Secretary of State Clinton and the OIC?

Christian Adams, a former member of the Department of Justice, sheds light on a nefarious group of militant, racial activists in Guam who are rigging government elections in order to remove U.S. military presence in the country. Only members of the native Chamarro ethnicity are allowed to vote. Guam is a strategic U.S. territory with bomber and submarine bases. Tragically, the Holder Justice Department does not seem to care about the plight of minorities in Guam. Holder is continuing his pattern of upholding voting laws in a racially unfair fashion. If the U.S. military can no longer use Guam as a strategic base, what would that mean for forces in the Pacific? Attorney General Holder either needs to start applying equality to the law or step down from his position. How come the president has not taken issue with this especially since he has claimed the Pacific is a strategic interest to the US? Guam is the most important base west of Hawaii in the American pacific arsenal. The Obama Administration is even using American tax dollars to show support for this racially discriminating election. The Obama-Holder Justice Department is using racially unequal enforcement of the laws to push their own agenda increase their power over Americans.

Weekly Asian expert Gordon Chang speaks on new developments in China. India and China were supposed to have talks over their border disputes, but this was put on hold when India invited the Dali Lama to speak at an event. The Indians told China they would not allow the Chinese to interfere with internal events. More and more countries in the region are becoming concerned with China’s belligerent remarks and the Indians standing up to China sets the tone for the region, they will not be bullied. China is not trying to adjust and placate their neighbors, but is increasing their belligerence. This can only mean that China will clash with their neighbors and America in the future. The Chinese economy is clearly slipping dramatically and there is concern that in order to avert notice to this problem, the Chinese government will start to engage in misguided military campaigns under the guise of nationalism. The military is increasingly setting their own foreign policy which is extremely dangerous. Will China directly engage in conflict with America or will they engage American allies who will pull American forces into the mix? What kind of economic trajectory is China on? The Chinese military is arrogant and spoiling for a fight, what will this mean for regional security?