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Diana West, Father Anthony Hanna, Anne Korin, George O’Conor

July 23rd, 2014

DIANA WEST, syndicated columnist and author:
  • Nullification of the border
  • Border issue as a long term national emergency
  • Using the power of the purse to fix the border problem

Father ANTHONY HANNA,  adviser to Coptic Pope:

  • The plight of Coptic Christians in the Middle East region
  • Relationship between the decline of American prestige and the current persecution Christians face from radical Islamists
  • Silence from the White House on Christian persecution

ANNE KORIN, Co-Director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security: 

  • A new fuel choice bill that offers automakers incentives to produce cars that can use non-petroleum fuel sources
  • Examining the benefits of flex-fuel vehicles
  • Role of the Chinese market's use of methanol in the development of engine components that can withstand higher levels of corrosion
  • The need for fuel diversification, given the current instability in many oil-producing countries
GEORGE O'CONOR- Founder and CEO of Chime Media:
  • True extent of Chinese cyber espionage against the U.S.
  • Security concerns surrounding Chinese internet giant Alibaba's upcoming initial public offering

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