Dr. Walid Phares, Harold Rhode, Roger Noriega, Gordon Chang

With Dr. Walid Phares, Harold Rhode, Roger Noriega, and Gordon Chang

Author DR. WALID PHARES analyzes the recent attack against Israel and looks at who could have perpetrated such an act. He also looks at the fragile “peace” between Egypt and Israel.

HAROLD RHODE of the Gatestone Institute explains Iran’s intentions to become the regional power in the Middle East and the implications it has on the security of other nations such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Middle Eastern nations that were once “friendly” to the US are now siding with Iran in light of the Obama Administration’s failure to stop Iran’s nuclear activities.

Latin American expert ROGER NORIEGA looks at China’s growing influence within the region as well as Venezuela’s grip on surrounding nations. The Obama Administration seems to be ignoring all the warning signs of an impending disaster.

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG explains the need for America to stay strong in Asia because China is becoming more aggressive in anticipation of US defense cuts. There is growing turmoil within the communist party as they return to their old ways of handling business.

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