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Elaine Donnelly, Thomas Donnelly, Clare Lopez, Fred Fleitz

January 24th, 2013

With Elaine Donnelly, Thomas Donnelly, Clare Lopez, and Fred Fleitz.

ELAINE DONNELLY, the founder and president of the Center for Military Readiness, discusses with Frank how the current administration is forcing its social agenda upon the military with Leon Panetta's announcement yesterday to open all combat jobs in the military to women.

THOMAS DONNELLY, the AEI Director of the Center for Defense Studies, explains how sequestration will impend the military's readiness creating a hollow force and supportive civilian industry.

CLARE LOPEZ, a senior fellow at, examines Hillary Clinton's Senate hearing from yesterday and explains how the current administration is just beginning to realize that they have opened 'a Pandora's box' with the aid that they provided to depose Libyan dictator Gaddafi.

Finally, FRED FLEITZ, from, analyzes everything from how the administration lied about Benghazi, to instability in Tunisia, and finally the threat of a successful North Korean long-range missile test by the end of the year.