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Eric Schmitt, Bill Roggio, Mark Helprin, Jim Hanson

June 6th, 2012

· New York Times journalist ERIC SCHMITT talks about the recent elimination of al-Qaeda’s #2, Abu Yahya Al-Libi and what that drone strikes mean for the US intelligence community.

· BILL ROGGIO of The Long War Journal explains how eliminating terrorists is good, but keeping them alive to gather information is much better.

· MARK HELPRIN from the Claremont Institute sheds light on why Americans prefer a drone war, rather then sending in actual troops to possible capture these terrorist leaders.

Iranian cell-phone carrier obtained banned US tech

· Former Special Forces operator JIM HANSON discusses how Obama is taking the easy rode by eliminating “tangos” instead of capturing them because he no longer allows the US to interrogate and gather information.

Obama Administration: Remember when “Top Secret” actually meant something?

Drone strike kills No. 2 Al Qaeda leader in Pakistan

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