Fred Fleitz, Dan Goure, Kori Schake, Andy McCarthy

LIGNET editor FRED FLEITZ analyzes Iran’s nuclear program, which he believes is now at a point where it can create 5-7 nuclear weapons with possibly testing the first one in 2-6 months. Iran is very close to Israel’s point of no return in which Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear and military facilities.

Strategic analyst DAN GOURE talks about how Putin and the Kremlin as a whole are pushing for Obama’s re-election because Russia knows having Obama as president of the US gives them a strategic advantage. Putin is willing to decrease Russia’s strategic missiles in order help bolster Obama’s favorability among US voters.

KORI SCHAKE of the Hoover Institution explains how the geopolitical landscape has changed since the end of the Cold War and what promoting democracy globally really means in the 21st century.

Former federal prosecutor ANDY McCARTHY discusses the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence operations in the US and how these operations have been documented in a recent court case.

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