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Fred Grandy, Jim Hanson, Rep. Frank Wolf, Bill Gertz

April 6th, 2012

A Christian student in Egypt is being sent to prison for three years because he posted a picture that was deemed “offensive to Islam” on his Facebook page. The growing Muslim Brotherhood is calling for tighter Sharia law in Egypt, and in the meantime Mr. Obama is sending $1.5 billion in aid to the country because he thinks they are our partners. Fred Grandy analyzes the recent trip the Muslim Brotherhood took to DC to ratchet up support from the Obama Administration in their bid for greater control of post-Mubarak Egypt. What is Obama’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and why does he trust people who continually lie to America?

What role did bin-Laden play in the Mumbai attacks in India? According to Jim Hanson, the terrorists were part of an organization that is controlled by the Pakistani Intelligence Service, ISI, and they passed information along to Osama bin-Laden. Therefore, there is a connection between the ISI and al-Qaeda so they must not only have known the former terrorist leader was hiding in their country but they also protected him. Also, is Mr. Obama creating a policy of failure in Afghanistan? How can we expect the Afghans to trust us and work with us when they know we are leaving soon?

What are Congresses feelings toward Obama’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and his willingness to give unconditional aid to a government that is becoming increasingly hostile towards its own people? Congressman Frank Wolf explains how the Egyptian government has put a Red Flag on the US citizens they recently released from prison, meaning that INTERPOL must arrest these folks if they travel abroad. Will INTERPOL actually accept this Red Flag? If so, what is the next step in the US/Egypt relationship?

The Saudi Grand Mufti is calling for the demolition of all churches in the Middle East, a sign of increasing intolerance in an already intolerant region. Bill Gertz goes explains what this means for regional security as well as religious freedom. North Korea is working on a new long range missile, even after they promised to halt production on their ICBM program. Not only are they breaking their promise to the US, but they are also in violation of two UN resolutions. How is the rest of Asia viewing this increased aggression?

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