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Fred Grandy, Matt Brodsky, Rep. Dan Burton

November 16th, 2011

Former House member Fred Grandy, addresses a breaking story in which the valuable U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedoms will be forced to close its doors by the end of the week if Richard Durbin, the number two Democrat in the Senate, succeeds in holding-up reauthorization of the commission’s budget.  Grandy believes Durbin’s motivation for this could either be his own parochial interests or Durbin answering to a higher authority- the Obama administration or the radical Organization of Islamic Cooperation.  Either way this presents an issue area in which the Democrats should apply the transparency that they always preach.


Matt Brodsky of the Jewish Policy Center gives his overview of the situation in Syria. Syria has acted with Iran to oppose the United States therefore the U.S. needs to take the lead in undermining the regime and helping to establish a democratic government that will work with the U.S. to oppose Iran’s nefarious activities within the region.  If Bashar Assad is removed from power, who would take his place? Can America have confidence in a new Syrian government to help oppose Iran? America cannot allow Turkey to influence a future Syria because they are becoming more Islamist and could help push the Muslim Brotherhood into power.


Is Turkey headed down the same Islamist path as Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya?  Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN) explains why it would be tragic if Turkey were to be lost to Islamist rule, seeing as how some countries in the Middle East are currently moving towards radicalization and Sharia law.  The Congressman also discusses President Obama’s cancellation of the U.S. missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic.  Instead, the Obama administration has proposed a sea-based missile defense system in Eurasia.




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