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Fred Grandy, Pete Hoekstra, Janice Kephart, and Bill Gertz

October 12th, 2012

FRED GRANDY joins Frank today to talk about the Vice Presidential debate, Biden’s explanation of the Benghazi consulate attack, our apparent declaration of defeat in Afghanistan, and the possible criminalization of blasphemy against Islam and it’s threat to our fundamental right to free speech.

Former Michigan Congressman and Senatorial candidate PETER HOEKSTRA stops by today to talk about Sequestration and its potentially devastating economic effects.  He also gives his thoughts on the Benghazi consulate attack as well as growing threats to Israel’s security by Islamist militant groups.

JANICE KEPHART lends her expertise regarding the current state of US Customs and Boarder Protection, including the recent friendly fire being investigated in the death of a CBP agent. Have the current administration’s policies on the border, as well as initiatives such as the Dream Act contributed to these incidents?

BILL GERTZ helps fill in the gaps on the Benghazi timeline, discussing the administration’s deflection of responsibility to the intelligence community. Bill then discusses the House Intelligence Community report on Chinese telecomm giants Huawei and ZTE. Chinese companies with ties to the PLA threaten US national security and may be part of a greater Chinese strategy of “Unrestricted Warfare”

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