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Fred Grandy, Raymond Stock, Fred Fleitz, Bill Gertz

October 5th, 2012

CSP's FRED GRANDY gives his weekly wrap-up which touches on Obama's recent appointment of a suspected Muslim Brotherhood operative to represent the US at a European conference on free speech versus hate speech.

RAYMOND STOCK of the Middle East Forum highlights the connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda, a connection that involves Egyptian president Morsi and Osama bin Laden.

FRED FLEITZ from talks with Frank today to talk about the United Kingdom’s shrinking nuclear deterrent, ongoing counterterrorism operations against Al-Qaeda in Yemen, and the vast resources beneath the Arctic Ocean and what it means for international relations and geostrategic competition.

Journalist BILL GERTZ explains how Obama is trying to cover-up the facts behind the Libyan attack and the recent cyberattack on the White House. Obama is trying to cover-up the facts because if the American people knew what was happening, he might be forced to respond in a decisive manner.