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Fred Grandy, Rep. Allen West, Bill Gertz

October 28th, 2011

Should the United States raise taxes in order to continue to fund military power or should our leaders go ahead with the proposed defense budget cuts? Both US political and military leaders are at odds on this issue and remain at a stalemate as to how to develop a concrete budget plan. Should the Obama administration listen to the Tea Party’s claims that the Constitution calls for a strong defense? Frank starts today’s show sharing the microphone on topics such as these with Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, Fred Grandy. According to recent statements made by members within the Obama administration, providing training materials to US government agencies such as the FBI that state Islam as a religion of violence is wrong. They continue to make overarching statements such as this, while ignoring the self-declared jihadists who use Islam simply as a religion of violence.

Moreover, associates at CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups continue to undermine the efforts of New York City’s counterterrorism police units. Are the President’s efforts to negotiate with local imams damaging the operations of these police forces? In order to infiltrate a neighborhood, these local law enforcement units must first consult with the local imam. How can the United States expect to run training programs against Muslim extremists, while also seeking the advice from biased Muslim community leaders? US leadership has become confused as to who is an enemy of the country.

Does the United States have a hard time understanding the 21st century battlefield where unassociated extremists in countries such as Iraq are backed by hostile governments? In a new segment here at Secure Freedom Radio, entitled The Cloakroom, Fred Grandy has the honor of having a candid discussion with Rep. Allen West about US strategies in Iraq. By removing all of our forces in Iraq, have we truly given a “green light” to Iran to begin its political and military build up in the region? Rep. West argues that America has never lost a war at the tactical level, but has shown that it can lose the overall war such as in Vietnam. If we continue to lose at the strategic level, then we will certainly lose the war in Iraq. In order to stop this from happening, does the United States need to take Rep. West’s recommendations and develop a concrete operations strategy?

Weekly commentator here and writer at the Washington Times, Bill Gertz concludes today’s show commenting on Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta’s visit to Asia. Did Panetta successfully convey the message that no matter what happens to the US defense budget, we will remain a force in the region? Furthermore, how did those in the region react to such news?

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