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Fred Grandy, Yoram Ettinger, Fred Fleitz, Bill Gertz

February 22nd, 2013

With Fred Grandy, Yoram Ettinger, Fred Fleitz, Bill Gertz.

FRED GRANDY, former Congressman from Iowa, predicts that unless a shocking revelation about Hagel's political or personal life comes to light within the next few days, Chuck Hagel will be confirmed as the new Secretary of Defense.

Shortly before Obama's trip to Israel, YORAM ETTINGER of the Ariel Center offers his hopes that this time Obama will not mistakenly equate a solution to the Israel-Palestine dispute with a solution for peace throughout the entire region.

FRED FLEITZ of offers the breaking news that Iran may have enough enriched uranium for up to eight nuclear bombs.

BILL GERTZ of the Washington Times talks with Frank about Obama's soon-to-be-announced push for unilateral disarmament of the United States' nuclear force by up to a third--even as Russia and China both increase their own stockpiles.

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