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Gal Luft, Avi Jorisch, Rep. Mike Turner, Andy McCarthy

March 27th, 2012

Dr. Gal Luft, the Executive Director for The Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, explains how Methanol is an important form of fuel for our transportation system and our economy. Gal explains how this form of fuel can increase our national security and boost our economy yet the president seems opposed to both.

SWIFT is the international banking telecommunication company that connects banks around the world. If money is to be transferred from one bank to another, SWIFT is in the middle to either approve or deny the transfer. Avi Jorisch explains how SWIFT has put 13 of Iran’s 30 banks on their blacklist, meaning those banks cannot send or receive money outside of Iran. This will seriously disrupt the Iranian business sector and strain their economy, but what about the other 17 banks? According to the SWIFT bylaws, they will not work with any bank that is engaged in illegal activity yet the United States has proven that all 30 of Iran’s banks are in some way connected to criminal activity. Why is SWIFT still working with those 17 other banks? What affect will this blacklist have on Iran’s nuclear program?

Who is to blame for the weakening of our national security? Congressman Mike Turner believes that decision rests solely on the shoulders of the Commander-in-Chief. The president is vehemently working to denuclearize the United States as well as cut our conventional forces which signals to our enemies that it is open season on America. The president has decided to play politics with America’s security, but this is a game that we will ultimately lose. Obama is putting trust in countries that have routinely showed themselves to be untrustworthy. His radical liberal ideology not only puts lives at risk, but the sovereignty of many of America’s allies.

Andy McCarthy explains the repercussions of President Obama’s slip when he was caught yesterday on a live microphone asking the Russian president for more “space” regarding missile defense. “This is my last election” Obama continued, “after my election, I have more flexibility”.  What else is the President Obama putting on hold until after the elections? Is there something else he’s willing to put aside that will risk the safety of our country? Is now getting re-elected more important that the security of the U.S.? what message does this send to the rest of the world, especially our allies?

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