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Jeff Kueter, Roger Noriega, Jim Hanson

July 7th, 2011

After the arrest of informants who aided in the Osama Bin Laden raid, growing evidence of a double game being waged by the ISI, and the recent report that North Korea paid Pakistani officials for information regarding their nuclear program, Frank questions the stability of Pakistan and addresses these mounting concerns. Next, Jeff Kueter, President of the George C. Marshall Institute, discusses the rise of Chinese space power and fall of America’s as the space shuttle mission comes to an end. Kueter explains the security threat of a strike to our space assets, but also how the U.S. is working to minimize how China would be able to affect our National Security. Roger Noriega, our resident Latin America expert, joins Frank to update the situation in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez’s declining health, and the ensuing power vacuum. Noriega also reports his testimony during today’s Congressional hearing on Hezbollah in Latin America, where he explains that operatives are more than merely “fundraising” in the Western Hemisphere, as State Department officials have said, but actively awaiting an opportunity to attack. Finally, Jim Hanson, of, unmasks the Administration’s approach to terrorism, asserting, “’lawfare’ is not the best way to fight terrorists,” upon Obama’s recent selection of a former prosecutor as the next Counter Terror Chief. Hanson also details how this method is damaging morale within the military, as life and death decisions made on the battlefield are being prosecuted in the courtroom.