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Jim Inhofe, Matt Brodsky, Andy McCarthy, Diana West

July 16th, 2013

Senator JIM INHOFE analyzes the impact sequestration and growing anti-defense rhetoric within the government is having on the military and other defense programs, specifically the missile defense program.

MATT BRODSKY, of the Jewish Policy Center, takes stock of several issues in the Middle East, including the significance of the Israeli Prime Minister's speech over the weekend, the problem with implementing democracy in Egypt, as well as the growing fear of Iranian actions in the region and the weakened stance the Obama administration is taking towards this threat.

ANDY MCCARTHY, former Federal Prosecutor, delves deeper into the Department of Justice's plan and desire to charge George Zimmerman with a civil rights crime and tackles the legal implications this could have.

DIANA WEST, author of American Betrayal, examines Huma Abedin's connection to terrorist networks and her current run for first lady of New York. Frank and Diana discuss the government's policy to cover up Saudi terrorist behavior and the actions of Sen. Bob Graham and reporters to remove this cover up.

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