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Jim Woolsey, Steven Bucci, Andy McCarthy, Claudia Rosett

June 25th, 2013

Former Director of Intelligence JIM WOOLSEY assesses Snowden’s motives behind his release of classified information to the public, further characterizing his actions as part of a publicity stunt rather than the actions of a true whistleblower.

STEVEN BUCCI of the Heritage Foundation probes the legality of a country spying on its citizens and delves deeper into how these programs allow a country to gather the most effective intelligence to protect their citizens and mitigate outside threats.

ANDY McCARTHY, of National Review Online, analyzes Edward Snowden’s recent actions and the virtue of truth. He also turns his attention towards Congressman Sesenbrenner’s recent statement about the Patriot Act and President Obama’s intended action in Syria.

CLAUDIA ROSETT, of PJ Media and, examines climate change, the new immigration bill and the implications of the presence of Al Jazeera within the U.S.