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Joel Rosenberg, Fred Grandy, Jim Hanson

October 19th, 2011

How do the Republican Presidential candidates feel about cuts for the US defense department? While a majority of the recent debates have centered on jobs and the economy, one individual posed this question about national security to the candidates. Frank begins today’s Secure Freedom Radio examining last night’s GOP debate in Las Vegas. Although four candidates answered the question centered on the defense budget, only one, Newt Gingrich acknowledged that the Super Committee process was majorly flawed. The United States should decide how to deal with defense only after they have done a real review of the threats the US is facing. We truly need to explore the questions that are important to determine what military action is needed before big cuts are implemented. How can we continue to have a historical ignorance of the true situation when people’s lives are on the line?

Are we living in a moment that feels like the early to mid-1930s when Hitler was rising in Germany? Is the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei the new Fuhrer and if so, has the end of the world come? New York Times best-selling writer, Joel Rosenberg gives us an insight into his new book, The Tehran Initiative, where he uses fiction to capture Americans’ attention to what the world would be like if the US and Western powers fail to take decisive action in the Iranian situation. His story parallels what is happening in today’s world where there is an Iranian plot to attack Americans on American soil. Do we have the time for the next President to deal with Iran?

Joining Secure Freedom Radio for the first of many times, Fred Grandy brings Frank some good news. Grandy will be joining Secure Freedom Radio as the new host of its weekly “The Cloak Room” series where Grandy will frankly explore various national security issues with his former colleagues on Capitol Hill. It is a chance for Congressmen to have an inform discussion about big issues such as defense spending and international policies.

Were the French Moroccan Muslim tourists traveling all over the country, taking pictures of public buildings in San Antonio, TX planning a terrorist attack? Weekly regular guest and blogger at, Jim Hanson and Frank poke fun at the lack of political correctness occurring in this case.