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John Bolton, Dan Bongino, Doug Lamborn, Jack Devine

May 30th, 2014

JOHN BOLTON, former US Ambassador to the UN:

  • Predicting the legacy of President Obama's foreign policy
  • How the United States is viewed by its allies and adversaries
  • Are there any actual moderates to arm and train in Syria?

DAN BONGINO, former Secret Service agent

  • Dangers of putting politics above public safety
  • The purge of data on people with ties to terrorism from a watch list used by ICE
  • President Obama's documented location during the Benghazi attack, and what can be inferred about his behavior there

Congressman DOUG LAMBORN:

  • Amendment in the NDAA that outlines three conditions for lifting sanctions on Iran
  • The call from the Hill for the resignation of the VA's Erick Shinseki
  • How Lamborn and his colleagues are working on keeping America armed
  • Freedom of religion in the military

JACK DEVINE, author of "Good Hunting: An American Spymaster's Story":

  • His personal experiences as a career CIA agent
  • The decades old secret about American covert operations in Chile
  • His personal outlook on Edward Snowden's motives and actions

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