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John Bolton, Rosemary Jenks, Gordon Chang, Grae Stafford

August 19th, 2013

JOHN BOLTON, former US Ambassador to the UN and senior fellow at American Enterprise Institute, explains why the US government should back the Egyptian military and oust the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as how the NSA audit is not proof that the NSA is abusing American citizen's rights.

ROSEMARY JENKS, of NumbersUSA, takes a deeper look into the issue of immigration and what comprehensive immigration reform would mean for the country.

GORDON CHANG, of Forbes, examines "China's dream"and how it wishes to be dominant once again, the Chinese military and its aggressive actions, and China's secret stimulus to its economy.

GRAE STAFFORD, of the Daily Caller, investigates the technology and weapons the U.S. has been arming the Syrian rebels with and how arming these rebels could led to a dangerous situation in the future.