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Joseph F Connor, Russ Ramsland, Bill Gertz, Fred Fleitz

June 13th, 2014

JOSEPH F. CONNOR, co-author of "The New Founders"

  • Does the recent release of five top-level jihadists signal the imminent closing of the Guantanamo Bay prison?
  • The public security crisis associated with the release of 36,000 criminal illegal aliens from incarceration, including some former terrorists
  • Attorney General Eric Holder's role in the release of FALN terrorists and, more recently, the five Taliban leaders

RUSS RAMSLAND, Texas Tea Party leader:

  • Details of the weak "Texas Solution" to immigration that was shot down at the recent Texas GOP Convention
  • Connection between the immigration debate and Erick Cantor's loss
  • Public safety risk being posed by a surge of illegal aliens crossing the US's southern border

BILL GERTZ, of the Washington Free Beacon and the Washington Times:

  • The Justice Department is in talks with representatives of Edward Snowden, who include a lawyer well-known for his history of success in winning spies plea deals
  • Implications of a confirmation that Russia is in material breach of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
  • A show of force incident on Monday in which Russian bombers flew within 50 miles of the US coast
  • Chinese officials are claiming that a visit to a U.S. Carrier has provided them with "valuable military insights"--despite a 1999 law forbidding Chinese officers from visiting certain US power projection capabilities

FRED FLEITZ, senior fellow with the Center for Security Policy:

  • Is Chuck Hagel being forced to take the fall for Obama and Susan Rice in the Bergdahl trade controversy?
  • Debating whether a plea deal is acceptable if Edward Snowden can guarantee that leaks of the stolen US documents stop
  • Points of fact on Iraq: ISIS is not "and Syria," but "and the Sham," which represents a "greater Syria." ISIS is a terrorist army, manned by pre-US invasion Iraqi military members

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