Judith Levy, Diana West, Jeff Smith, Bill Gertz

Could self-sufficiency and a place among the top oil exporters in the world be in Israel’s future? Judith Levy, blogger and resident of Israel, offers updates on the very significant developments there, with the discovery of potential oil deposits in the amount of 250 billion barrels. Levy also explains how Palestinian refugees are being used by Syria, Lebanon and Hezbollah to attack Israel. Diana West, columnist for Townhall, discusses imminent Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s questionable behavior surrounding his relationship with Communist party member Hugh DeLacy. Jeff Smith, of American Foreign Policy Council, details the deteriorating relationship between the United States and Pakistan, with its rise in anti-American forces within the government. Finally, Washington Times columnist Bill Gertz gives his perspective from “Inside the Ring,” including the recent unraveling of a missile-defense agreement with Russia.


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