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Katie Gorka, Gordon Chang, Jim Hanson, Andy McCarthy

September 5th, 2012

With Katie Gorka, Gordon Chang, Jim Hanson, and Andy McCarthy

KATIE GORKA of the Westminster Institute explains how the Obama Administration has systematically ruined America’s counterterrorism training program by firing our best trainers and curtailing the curriculum of the others.

Asian analyst GORDON CHANG talks about Secretary Clinton’s cold reception by Beijing during her recent trip and how the Chinese refuse to be part of any arms control treaty because they are looking to ramp up their military capabilities.

Former SpecOps operator JIM HANSON looks at the recent dismissal of hundreds of Afghan security forces personnel who may have ties with and be working for our enemies.

Former federal prosecutor ANDY McCARTHY analyzes Obama’s signal to Iran that America will not stop their nuclear program nor stand with Israel in the event of an attack.