Kevin Freeman, Helle Dale, Gerald Steinberg, Fred Fleitz

KEVIN FREEMAN, Senior Fellow at the American Center for Democracy and Founder of Freeman Global Investment, examines the economic war and what it would mean if Russia and China are successful in demoting the US dollar from the base currency for the Federal Reserve; he also takes a brief look at EMPs and the damage that could be done to the US economy.

HELLE DALE, Senior Fellow in Public Diplomacy at the Heritage Foundation, discusses the War of Ideas, the Obama administration's policy of apologizing for America, and the Tweeter War.

GERALD STEINBERG, of NGO Moniter, gives his opinion on Iran's new president, the non-existent relationship between Israel and Palestine ,and what he feels are underlying anti-Zionist motives from organizations such as the Human Rights Watch.

FRED FLEITZ, of, deeply explores the relationship between the U.S. and Russia in light of the recent snub this week by President Obama towards Russian President Putin and upcoming meetings between the two countries other top leaders.

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