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Kiron Skinner, Amb. Eric Edelman, Rep. Mark Meadows, Gordon Chang

June 23rd, 2014

KIRON SKINNER, Hoover Institution
"We have helped unleash Al-Qaeda, its affiliates, and great terror across the Middle East simply because we believe withdrawing is the only strategy available to the United States"
  • What history has shown about withdrawing from wars
  • The national security risk of only focusing on "core Al-Qaeda"
  • The theme of '"distorted jihad" in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Iran
  • Comparing the Reagan and Obama foreign policy doctrines
ERIC EDELMAN, former US Ambassador to Turkey
  • Prospects for Kurdish independence- what is Turkey's position?
  • The implications of Turkey's upcoming election
  • Is Turkey a reliable ally for the United States?
Rep. MARK MEADOWS, of North Carolina's 11th Congressional District
  • Secretary Kerry's trip to Baghdad and the possibility of a U.S./Iran alliance to quell sectarian violence
  • The Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act being brought forward in Congress
  • Should the U.S. accept the Fatah/Hamas unity government in Palestine as an ally?
  • Lois Lerner, the IRS, and the so-called "missing emails"
GORDON CHANG, columnist
  • Chinese plans to export untested nuclear power plant designs to countries such as Pakistan
  • Concerns about the lack of communication between Chinese and French regulators as China constructs the first of a new European-designed nuclear power plant
  • Beijing's white paper retracting Hong Kong's autonomy and the subsequent surge of pro-democracy activism in Hong Kong
  • The prospects that Modi's India will economically outperform China