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Lt. Gen Jerry Boykin, Christian Whiton, Mark Schneider, Fred Fleitz

June 27th, 2013

Lt. General JERRY BOYKIN, of the Family Research Council, chronicles the battle Christians in the military are facing with current lawsuits that he believes are aimed at suppressing soldiers and their families' religious freedoms within the context of the military.

CHRISTIAN WHITON, of DC International Advisory, explores Snowden's background, Samantha Power, and surmises what the possible outcomes of Obama's trip to Africa will be.

MARK SCHNEIDER, of the National Institute for Public Policy, analyzes President Obama’s plan to de-nuclearize and its relations with Russian’s new weapon developments.

FRED FLEITZ, of, covers some of the most pressing issues to security at this time including: the danger of EMP attacks, Snowden and his limited options of asylum, and the dangers of Samantha Power and her anti-American attitude.

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