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Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin

January 6th, 2012

Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin (USA Ret.) spends a full hour with Frank to give his analysis on a nuclear Iran and the future of America’s armed forces after staggering cuts to the defense budget. Lt. Gen. Boykin feels that a nuclear Iran would not only be detrimental to Middle Eastern security, but security in a global context. Can America meet this possible threat considering the cuts that the Obama Administration has inflicted on our military?

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin

May 28th, 2012

Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin (USA Ret.) explains the real meaning of Memorial Day and how our service members’ sacrifice must not be forgotten in these times of political correctness and trepidation. Lt. Gen. Boykin spends an entire hour on what Americans have done to protect this nation and what Americans must continue to do in order to ensure American security.

US Troops In Kabul Mark Memorial Day by Reading Fallen Marine's Letter

Remembering Their Sacrifice

The Real Meaning Of Memorial Day

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin

July 4th, 2012

LT. GEN. JERRY BOYKIN spends an entire hour with Frank to honor America on our day of Independence. Lt. Gen. Boykin explains the threats that America faces today and how we must never forget the sacrifices made to create this great nation and keep it free. Our Founding Fathers left us with a responsibility to protect the nation they fought to establish and therefore we must understand the threats, foreign and domestic, that try to undermine the very freedom we celebrate.

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin

July 3rd, 2014

Part One:

  • Finding the link between Shariah, jihad, and the Caliphate

Part Two:

  • Jihadists’ use of influence operations in the West
  • The importance of “knowing your enemy” in war
  • A new computer worm with suspected Russian-ties that has infected US energy infrastructure

Part Three:

  • Chinese military modernization and top military power aspirations
  • A look at the dramatic decrease in democratic states in Latin America over the last 30 years
  • Concern over potential terrorists entering the US alongside the surge of minor illegal immigrants

Part Four:

  • Reasons behind the US’s failure to secure the southern border
  • Assessment of the current state and trajectory of the United States military