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Luke Coffey, Jon Perdue, Rick Fisher, Fred Fleitz

March 7th, 2013

LUKE COFFEY, a Margaret Thatcher Fellow at Heritage, explains the referendum to be voted on in the Falkand Islands this Sunday that will determine whether the islands remain a British overseas territory or not, and wonders why the Obama administration has not fully supported our British allies on this issue.

Director of the Latin America Programs at the Fund for American Studies, JON PERDUE predicts the effect that Hugo Chavez's death will have on Venezuelan relations with Cuba, China, Iran, and the United States, and encourages the United States to adopt a policy that will best support open and free elections in the coming month.

RICK FISHER, from the International Assessment and Strategy Center, interprets North Korea's nuclear threat against the United States and stresses the need for America to learn the real size of China's nuclear arsenal.

From, FRED FLEITZ weighs in on the state of Venezuela after Hugo Chavez's death, describes North Korea's nuclear threat as a ploy to get America back to the negotiating table, and explains how recent talks with the Iranian regime in Kazakhstan have once again finished with the Iranians coming out on top.