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Mark Krikorian, Dan Bongino, Gal Luft, Gordon Chang

June 18th, 2012

With Mark Krikorian, Dan Bongino, Gal Luft, and Gordon Chang

·         MARK KRIKORIAN of the Center for Immigration Policy discusses Obama’s recent amnesty declaration and how he is ignoring the law of the land for political gains.

Obama administration announces immigration policy change  

·         Senate candidate DAN BONGINO of Maryland explains how the Obama leaks could have only come from the top echelon of the administration and what position it puts our national security in.

Obama Trade Document Leaked

·         GAL LUFT from the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security talks about the need to switch from regular petroleum gasoline to methanol in order to secure our energy independence and boost our economy.

·         Asian analyst GORDON CHANG exposes the instability within the Chinese economy leading back to China’s largest bank.

China Tries to Rescue the Economy, Depositors May Say "No"