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Mark Krikorian, Rep. Mike Turner, Riki Ellison, Jim Hanson

March 14th, 2012

The DREAM Act was established to provide citizenship to people who came to the United States at a certain age, mostly younger ages, stayed a certain period of time and have either received a college education or provided military service. The problem today though, is that people are applying this act to a wide range of illegal immigrants not just the ones it was designed to benefit. Also, shouldn’t our armed forces be compromised of American citizens and not illegal immigrants who are just serving because they have a hidden agenda? Mark Krikorian also explains the E-Verify program, which is a database at employer’s disposal that allows them to screen out illegal immigrants who may have forged their application; problem is Congress is sitting on legislation that would make this voluntary program mandatory. Finally, has naming our naval ships become less of an honor and more politicized?

In order for the Senate to approve the new START Treaty, President Obama had to make certain promises about our nuclear deterrent; so far he has walked away from those promises. Rep. Mike Turner and his colleagues are working on legislation that would force Obama to stand by the promises he made to the Senate and the American people. America has not adequately taken care of its nuclear arsenal; we have not upgraded the technology or modernized the infrastructure that supports the weapons. In order to be a nuclear power we must have a creditable deterrent, not something that is based on decades old technology or hasn’t been tested in over 20 years. It is unbelievable that the president is even considering reducing our nuclear arsenal by 80%; we are the only country that is reducing its nuclear weapons program. Our missile defense shield is the only system that can protect America from an Iranian or North Korean attack and Obama has continually cut that capability.

Riki Eillison educates us on the Israeli “Iron Dome” system that protects civilians from incoming missile attacks. This past week, it withstood over 200 rocket launches with only two scratches and no heavy damage or civilian death. The system detects and intercepts rockets with its own rockets and only targets the ones heading for civilian regions. The US has a three-prong missile shield, first is the GBI (Ground Based Interceptors) that protects homeland America from North Korea or Iran. The second is comprised of 15 battalions of Patriot systems and 23 Aegis ships, which protect our armed forces worldwide.

Finally, there is the European shield, which protects our European allies from an Iranian attack. Obama has clearly stated that his priorities are to protect the homeland, our forces then our allies yet he gives more money to protect our allies than he does our homeland. Europe doesn’t even contribute o this shield, yet they benefit from it and the American people wont stand for it much longer. Obama has also cut the sea based X-Band radar system, which puts a huge hole in America’s missile defense shield. This system has cost the taxpayers $1.5 billion but it is now being used less and less. The president has tested fewer systems in the past three years than under the entire Bush administration.

Is America still a major player in Afghanistan? Are our enemies becoming emboldened by the idea of an American withdrawal? Al-Qaeda and the Taliban will use American withdrawal as a victory and a recruiting tool; Obama does not want to win in, he just wants to leave. Obama is ignoring the fact that America is facing real threats and therefore hollowing out the military is a good idea. Jim Hanson explains that Obama feels any future problems can be solved with the use of SpecOps yet they shouldn’t be used in place of a strong conventional military deterrent.

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