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Michael Ledeen, John Wagner, John Wohlstetter, Noah Pollak

July 16th, 2014

MICHAEL LEDEEN, Freedom Scholar at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies:

  • Status update on the nuclear talks with Iran
  • Uncovering the extent of Iran's global influence
  • What the United States can do in response to Iran's rising regional power
  • Arguing the need for a global response to a global war

JOHN WAGNER, former member of the CENTCOM task force that searched for Bowe Bergdahl:

  • Explanation of why the Pentagon has returned Bowe Bergdahl to active duty
  • Options for the Army as it investigates Bergdahl's disappearance
  • What are the potential legal and/or punitive outcomes for Bergdahl?

JOHN WOHLSTETTER, a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute:

  • Hamas' rejection of the Egyptian-proposed cease-fire and the continuing conflict in the Gaza Strip
  • Societal differences between the Palestinian and Israeli populations
  • Could Israel and the Fatah government in the West Bank unify to combat Hamas in the Gaza Strip?

NOAH POLLAK, of The Weekly Standard:

  • Criticism of Hamas' tactics of placing critical terrorist infrastructure, leaders, and weapons in densely-populated civilians areas within Gaza
  • Hamas' use of UN and foreign aid to carry out its civil responsibilities to the citizens of Gaza
  • Israel's inability to adopt an isolationist foreign policy and the need for the international community to rally against state sponsors of terrorism