Michael Mukasey, Fred Grandy

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey spends two segments with Frank to give his insights into the silent jihad and the Muslim Brotherhood’s successful influence operations here in America. Michael Mukasey recaps his speech on Veterans Day at the Federalist Society, in which he spoke about the motivation for jihad, Sharia and how political correctness is handcuffing officials from openly discussing this situation. The Obama Administration is bending over backwards for these militant groups and leaving the moderate, freedom-loving Muslims without a voice.

Fred Grandy explains how the president is artfully blaming the Republicans for the Supercommittee failure.  An endeavor that was designed to fail, is now forcing the Pentagon to make drastic cuts to our national security.  The president and the Democrats had no intention of ever conceding to any of the Republicans ideas for cutting the budget and therefore it was inevitable that the committee would fail. Is there another way to avoid the hollowing out of our national defenses? Which theaters of operations will get the limited resources that the Department of Defense will have left? We will be pinning the Middle East against Asia, which threat do we work against?

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