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Michael Rubin, Harold Rhode , Robert Zarate, Gordon Chang

June 17th, 2013

MICHAEL RUBIN, of American Enterprise Institute, dissects the results of the recent Iranian Presidential elections and subsequent win of so-called moderate candidate, Hassan Rouhani, and what this really means for the region and for the United States as well as what changes, if any, the world can expect to see from the country's new and moderate president.

HAROLD RHODE, of the Gatestone Institute, explains why the new Iranian president is not—and cannot—be "moderate" in the American sense of the word, and how Iran is purposefully trying to lure the US into a state of false security.

ROBERT ZARATE, Policy Director at the Foreign Policy Initiative, looks towards the upcoming U.S. and Russia meeting, specifically looking at the issues of nuclear de-armament and Russia’s plan of action in regards to this issue.

GORDON CHANG, of, touches on the subject of Edward Snowden and the growing possibility that he is working with the Chinese government. Chang also gives his analysis of China's economic future based on recent stock market closings and other fiscal signs.