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Mike Rinn, Nina Shea, Fred Grandy, Jim Hanson

September 14th, 2011

Mike Rinn, Vice President Directed Energy Systems Strategic Missile & Defense Systems at Boeing, joins Frank from sunny Albuquerque, N.M. to discuss the exciting new technology in ballistic missile defense. Rinn, a former Navy F-16 pilot, explains the revolution in Directed Weapons Systems, including the Airborne Laser Test Bed, what he calls “a fairly high-tech Model T.” He informs on how Boeing is making our systems more efficient operating on smaller platforms, to meet our threats worldwide. “The bad guys are still alive and well out there proliferating,” says Rinn, as he identifies these cutting edge technologies that can destroy missiles at the speed of light and literally take the “twinkle” out of the stars to sight enemy missiles. Frank applauds Rinn for his work and can’t imagine another country on earth that would give it up, as he fears we might.

Nina Shea, a leader in monitoring religious freedom around the world, discusses Hillary Clinton’s partnership with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). “We do have to be vigilant about our freedoms,” says the Hudson Institute’s Director of the Center for Religious Freedom, as she explains the nefarious attempts by the United Nations and the OIC to administer blasphemy laws in the West. Meanwhile, the actual violent speech is daily spewing out or Saudi Arabian textbooks calling Christians and Jews the enemy and for apostates to be killed, which Clinton’s state department refuses to take seriously. Shea explains that we will never solve the problem of Jihad if this is what educates the children of the Muslim world.

A case point of Shea’s warning against the attack on freedom of expression is happening right in our back yard. Fred Grandy, former Actor, Congressman, radio star and now certified “Islamaphobe,” joins Frank to explain how Islamists and the Left are seeking to shut down his right to speak in Montgomery County, Maryland. “Perhaps you have to refer to me as Gopher, the Infidel,” he says after Fred and his wife Catherine were forced out of their hit radio program on WMAL for exposing Shariah law in the United States. Shorty thereafter, Grandy had a speech cancelled in Minneapolis because his “inflammatory rhetoric” might insight violence. And now, an upcoming speech to the Chevy Chase Republican Women’s Group at a private event is being challenged by leaders in the Md. State government, claiming “divisive rhetoric has no place in Montgomery County.” Fred exposes this affront to free speech in this “immediate and local version of what’s happening at the UN.” He shares how Manda Ervin of the American Islamic Leadership Coalition courageously rushed to his aid, and how she and many others fled from the Muslim world to escape this oppression arriving on our shores.

Finally, our boots on the ground guy Jim Hanson, of, provides insight into Afghanistan and Iraq after the embassy attack in Kabul. Hanson contends the attack is less significant than the media lets on, and was not a military success, only a Public Relations one by creating the impression that the U.S. has not secured Afghanistan. He then warns of the “cut and run” strategy of transition to the Afghan forces, saying this “Potemkin security apparatus” will lead to a return to tribal politics, making our gains erode. Hanson then explains the possible “civil war” brewing in Iraq with the Kurds, and his weariness of our intelligence drying up in the war on terror.

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