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Peter Pry, Jim Hanson, Cord Sterling, Fred Fleitz

July 18th, 2013

PETER PRY, former executive director of the EMP Commission and currently serving on the task force for national and homeland security, examines the threat of an EMP attack, the recent knowledge of North Korean missiles in Panama, and how the US can protect itself from such a North Korean EMP threat.   

JIM HANSON, of, gives his perspective on the advisability of releasing some Guantanamo Bay prisoners, as well as on sexual assaults in and the hollowing of the military and the implications this has on the future safety of the United States.

CORD STERLING of Aerospace Industries Association reviews the impact that sequestration is having on the technological side.  He looks at the impact of layoffs and the risk the US is now facing of losing the ability to develop certain technological capabilities that the U.S. depends on for maintaining its' national security. 

FRED FLEITZ, retired CIA analyst and currently of, analyzes the new Iranian leadership and Iran's continue pursuit for a nuclear weapon, predicting how far Iran may be from a nuclear device. Fred also looks at the Arab Spring as it pertains to Egypt and Syria.   

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