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Peter Roskam, Michael Rowan, Andy McCarthy, James Carafano

April 1st, 2014

House Chief Deputy Whip Rep. PETER ROSKAM argues that the US-Israel relationship must be recognized as a mutually beneficial one, and that the Administration's actions are belying its words about that partnership.

MICHAEL ROWAN, columnist for Venezuelan newspaper "El Universal," reports on the violent protests in Venezuela, and examines how foreign actors are continuing their efforts to stoke the flames of chaos in that country.

Contributing editor at The National Review ANDREW MCCARTHY explores the difference between the intentions and capabilities of Vladimir Putin, and argues that willful blindness is the standard operating procedure in Washington to avoid politically risky situations like an aggressive Russia.

Dr. JAMES CARAFANO, vice president of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation, contends that Russia is not a global partner with the United States, but rather a global competitor to the United States. He goes on to discuss how the United States must interact with the Russian Federation in light of this reality.

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