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Ralph Peters, Ehud Yaari, Diana West, Gordon Chang

January 23rd, 2012

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Ralph Peters gives an in-depth analysis of the growing threat from Iran. The prospect of some country attacking Iran’s nuclear program is real and almost inevitable. If Israel were to attack Iran unilaterally, Iran would turn to Hezbollah in a counterattack against Israel and then could close the Strait of Hormuz eliciting global pressure against Israel. Israel has the military capability to start a war, but not finish it whereas American has the ability to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities cleanly and can win any conflict against Iran. A war would last a minimum 3-6 months, but with America achieving victory although Iran will inflict some damage to US forces.

Israel relinquished the Gaza Strip in 2005 allowing Hamas to gain control of this region by 2007. Hamas has been able to extend their terrorist activities into the Sinai Peninsula to a point where “Toyota pick-up trucks with machine guns in the back have replaced the camel in the region as the means of transportation for the Bedouin militias.” The radicalization of the populous within the Sinai has rapidly increased since the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. What impact will this have on Israeli security? Ehud Yaari gives his take on this growing threat and its implications beyond the Sinai.

Green-on-blue is a term used to describe Afghan security forces turning on and killing their Western trainers, mostly Americans. Diana West has uncovered over 50 cases of this horrific instance in the last 2 years. As a result of the most recent attack on French trainers, France has suspended their training operations in Afghanistan. It is the policy of both NATO and ISAF not to discuss this issue and essentially “cook the figures” in regard to this matter because they want the public to think the threat in Afghanistan has been mitigated. There are some politicians that do not want to admit there are serious security issues in Afghanistan because they want to push their own political agendas. Hear what else Diana West has to say about this grievous lapse in security.

Who is truly calling the shots in the Chinese government? There is a partial disintegration of China’s central government, giving rise to military officials making policy. China’s thoughts on the nature of warfare against the US are clear, they believe America is vulnerable to financial attacks. Yet on the other hand, China is becoming more dependent on US trade in light of the economic crisis in Europe therefore their economy is surviving on exporting products to America. There are plenty of countries that are willing to give money to the US, making China’s holding of American debt irrelevant. The question is, will China try to engage in economic warfare if given the opportunity? Listen to Gordon Chang’s analysis of the growing Chinese threat and how America can combat the “Red Dragon.”

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