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Rep. Doug Lamborn, Christian Whiton, Roger Noriega, Jim Hanson

December 1st, 2011

Rep. Doug Lamborn from Colorado joins Frank to give his take on the hollowing out of America’s national security. President Obama is no friend of the military and has already cut half a trillion dollars of cuts in the first two years of administration. The president is throwing money at entitlement programs, while national defense is being squeezed dry. At this point the president is cutting into bone and muscle of the DOD. Is there anything that can be done to mitigate this catastrophe? The president has already claimed that he will veto any bill that tries to circumvent these defense cuts. According to Rep. Lamborn, the only solution is to get Obama out of office and elect a new president next November. There is a year before these cuts go into effect; can anything be done in that time?

Christian Whiton spends time with Frank to speak on the elections coming out of the Arab Spring. “People using democracy to kill democracy” is how Christian describes these elections that seem to be bringing the Islamists to power. How will these turn of events impact regional security and ultimately global security? The Muslim Brotherhood is better organized than any of the other parties in the Middle East and therefore they are better structured to influence an increasingly chaotic region. The Obama Administration seems to be turning a blind eye to these developments and even supporting them under the guise of supporting democracy. The Obama Administration feels that if there are any bad seeds they can be won over through understanding, acceptance and negotiations. Other than submission, how do you win over an enemy that wants to see you dead?

Roger Noriega, expert on Western Hemispheric affairs, explains the stolen election in Nicaragua by Daniel Ortega. Members of the U.S. Senate are speaking out against this fraud which Nicaraguan citizens will be taking to the streets in the coming days to protest. Where is the Obama Administrations outrage over this fraud? Obama spoke out about fraud in Honduras, but is silent when it comes to Nicaragua. Roger explains the hypocrisy coming from the White House, especially in matters pertaining to our own backyard.  How can we speak credibly about democracy when this type of action is occurring in our own hemisphere and we remain silent? What does Latin America think of President Obama and American strength?

Jim Hanson brings his boots on the ground perspective to the international affairs. NATO forces killed Pakistani border agents, but who fired first?  It seems that the relationship between Pakistan and the United States will not be strengthening, but in fact will keep deteriorating as long as Pakistan continues it double game. How will this strained relationship impact U.S. supply routes into Afghanistan? Vice President Biden is currently in Iraq trying to negotiate an 11th hour deal to extend a significant U.S. force in Iraq beyond the end of the year. Has the Obama Administration finally realized that Iraq is not capable of securing itself just yet and leaving them to their own devices would open the door for nefarious groups, such as Iran, to take control of what could be a strong American ally in the region? America cannot abandon a field of battle that has been won, especially one that could become an ally in a dangerous region. Is Biden really the best person to be negotiating such a deal? Obama has turned his back on Iraq, but is he trying to cover his tail knowing he has made a big mistake? How serious is the president when it comes to securing Iraq?

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