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Rep. Frank Wolf, Sylvia Longmire, Debra Burlingame, Bill Gertz

March 2nd, 2012

Representative Frank Wolf from Virginia explains what he saw on his most recent trip to Sudan. He visited a refugee camp 20 miles from the Sudanese border where more than 25,000 people are living with the mission of recommending policies and creating awareness to the barbaric situation the country has found itself in.

“Nearly 40,000 people have already lost their lives in the drug war south of the border and now Mexican cartels are moving their operations into the United States.” Sylvia Longmire who specializes in the War on Drugs as well as the cartels claims, “The Mexican drug war cannot be won, but is a conflict that can only managed.” This is not a war with one clear enemy therefore who can raise the white flag and call an end to the conflict? There is always be drugs and there will always be cartels or gangs that vie for more territory, money and power. There are drugs and violence in the United Sates therefore what can be done to make the violence in Mexico more manageable, to a level where people don’t fear leaving their homes or see corpses outside their children school?

The NYPD and namely Commissioner Ray Kelly are under attack for doing exactly what they are paid to do which is protect the citizens of New York City. Commissioner Kelly has worked tirelessly to investigate radical Muslim organizations that may be breeding terrorists, yet he and the NYPD are coming under fire by those very organizations and the liberal media. How can the police protect citizens and communities if they are not allowed to investigate potential threats to those very citizens and communities? Debra Burlingame gives her analysis of this sad and shocking development.

As a result of the president’s budget cuts, health care for our military veterans is increasing, while health care for the rest of the population is either being decreased or unaffected. What type of gratitude is President Obama showing our veterans and our country when he forces the men and women who have defended this country to pay more for their health care? In another story, the White House is mulling over the idea of becoming involved in the Syrian revolution. Is there an upside to American involvement and can the Obama Administration stay out of Syria? Bill Gertz gives his take on these ideas in his Inside the Ring column.