Rep. John Fleming, Tarek Fatah, Fred Fleitz, Diana West

Rep. JOHN FLEMING (LA-4), Member of the House Armed Services Committee and House Committee on Natural Resources:

  • What’s animating the recent events in Canada?
  • Strategic implications of Vladimir Putin having nuclear capabilities in the Crimea
  • Stagnating US strategic and tactical nuclear forces
  • The potential for a dangerous executive amnesty for illegal immigrants in the US

TAREK FATAH, Canadian activist and author of “Chasing a Mirage: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State”:

  • Addressing the political elements of Islam
  • The Canadian media's earlier treatment of Islamist ideology
  • The dangers of “two faced” allies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar
  • How should President Obama respond to the threat Islamism poses to the free world?

FRED FLEITZ, senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy and former CIA analyst:

  • An intelligence analyst's perspective on "The New York Times" report of WMDs in Iraq
  • Concerns about President Obama’s foreign policy strategy
  • Possible motives and reasoning behind the Ottawa terror attack

DIANA WEST, author of  "American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character”:

  • The attrition of the idea of America as a nation-state
  • A case for why deploying U.S. troops to fight Ebola is unconstitutional
  • Understanding the rules of engagement for American troops in West Africa
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