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Rep. Louie Gohmert, Andy McCarthy, Jim Hanson

January 18th, 2012

United States House of Representatives Louie Gohmert from Texas just came back from leading important discussions overseas in defense our interests in Afghanistan. He starts by explaining the situation in Afghanistan and the incredible work the United States military has done by defeating the Taliban, and how the Obama Administration seems to discount all the hard work of our troops by releasing high ranking Taliban leaders. Representative Gohmert clearly states what will happen if the US releases the Taliban leaders, and the danger it will bring, not only to the United States, but to Afghanistan as well. Will the president follow through with this horrific lack of judgment and release these dangerous terrorists?

Andy McCarthy explains the critical healthcare and foreign policy factor in the current GOP presidential race. Being a former federal prosecutor, McCarthy provides a legal perspective and a sanity check on the recent Marine video and war crimes. Is this truly a war crime or just an immoral act? Is this any worse than how our enemies treat our soldiers?

Jim Hanson shares his opinion about the recent Marine video showing Marines desecrating dead Taliban fighters and what this could mean for the U.S. cause and effort in the region. Hanson gives his analysis on the “Stop Online Privacy Act” and explores alternatives other legislation to provide content security. Could this legislation provide an effective and profitable business model? He concludes the interview with remarks on why men in uniform support Ron Paul’s candidacy over the other GOP presidential nominees.