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Rep. Luke Messer, Lenny Ben-David, Bill Gertz, Fred Gedrich

July 11th, 2014

Rep. LUKE MESSER, Indiana's 6th District:

  • Japan's changing defense policy and the current US-Japanese relationship
  • Proposed IPO move to the U.S. Market by Alibaba, a company with known ties to the Chinese government
  • Israeli-American relations in light of the escalating violence between Israel and Hamas
LENNY BEN-DAVID, former Deputy Chief of Mission for Israel's embassy in Washington, DC:
  • Hamas's decision to order civilians to serve as human shields on houses identified as targets for Israeli air strikes
  • Evaluating the wisdom of relinquishing Gaza to the Palestinians
  • Questioning the notion that Fatah can be a viable partner for peace
  • The prospect for the use of ground forces to neutralize threats to Israel in Gaza
BILL GERTZ, of the Washington Free Beacon and Washington Times:
  • Rundown on two new parts to the Chinese military build up: Scramjet technology and a next generation nuclear attack submarine
  • Comments made by a US official indicating that the Chinese will be given access to US electric infrastructure
  • US policy towards Iraq and the Islamic State

FRED GEDRICH, foreign policy and national security analyst:

  • Threats of ballistic missiles to America's homeland security
  • The successes and failures of missile defense in the U.S.
  • Credible threats of an EMP attack against the U.S.

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