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Rep. Peter Roskam, Dr. Thomas Talbot, Amb. Francis Rooney, Rep. Robert Pittenger, Andy McCarthy

September 22nd, 2015

Rep. PETER ROSKAM (IL-6), Member of the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Select Committee on Benghazi:

  • House rejecting the start of a 60 day review period because of secret side negotiations
  • IAEA side deals highlighting the hypocrisy of Administration claims of “full disclosure”
  • Litigation regarding the deal and whether Speaker Boehner will bring forth a lawsuit
  • Anniversary of Benghazi tragedy and the latest regarding the Clinton email scandal

Dr. THOMAS TALBOT, Former Army Doctor in Iraq and Medical Virtual Reality Researcher:

  • How Dr. Talbot was able to identify Ahmed Mohamed’s clock as a fraud
  • Failure of popular science to recognize the lie in Ahmed Mohamed’s story
  • Similarities between Ahmed’s clock and IEDs found in Iraq
  • How this incident is being used as political warfare against Mayor Beth Van Duyne

Amb. FRANCIS ROONEY, Former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican:

  • Pope Francis’ political agenda during his visit to the U.S. and the theological background shaping his views
  • The church’s stance on Cuba
  • Is Pope Francis standing up for persecuted Christians?
  • Are inter faith dialogues used as a form of civilization jihad?

Rep. ROBERT PITTENGER (NC-9), Chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare:

  • The politicization of intelligence reports
  • Facts surrounding the training of Syrian rebels
  • Human rights in China prior to next week’s State Dinner
  • President Xi Jinping’s visiting major U.S. corporations prior to meeting with Obama

ANDY McCARTHY, former federal prosecutor:

  • How President Obama is subverting the Corker/Cardin legislation
  • Certain conservative special interests to profit from a nuclear deal with Tehran?
  • Recent comments regarding national security by 2016 GOP candidates Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson