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Representative Rob Bishop, Rebeccah Heinrichs, Andy McCarthy

July 12th, 2011

America’s continued reliance on foreign sources for energy expose our country to grave security threats. Frank discusses his concerns that the government is neglecting the country’s need for more self-reliance when it comes to energy matters. Instead of fixing the problem proactively, he fears that only a catastrophe such as a natural disaster or a terrorist attack will push the government to start searching for new sources of energy. Congressman Rob Bishop, of the 1st district of Utah, joins Frank to examine the current issues facing American border control and the National Security and Federal Land Protection Act that might compromise the ability to carry out their duties. Eighty percent of the Arizona and Mexican border is deemed public land; however, American border guards are only allowed to patrol the twenty percent that is private. Rebeccah Heinrich chats about her new article, Is Russian ‘Reset’ Worth Kicking Allies to the Curb, which examines how the Obama administration is burning bridges with foreign allies in regards to missile defense in order to qualm Russia’s concerns. Lastly, Andy McCarthy gives us his take on the muddled policy being implemented in Syria; as well as the Obama administration’s “willful blindness” in fighting a global war without a global strategy.

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