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Rev. Rick Joyner, Roger Noriega, Rowan Scarborough, Jim Hanson

August 17th, 2011

Rev. Rick Joyner kicks off today’s program by introducing his efforts to unite and equip Christians through The Oak Initiative.  Two years ago, Joyner hosted a three day seminar to bond the Christian Church together in a time of great crisis morally, spiritually and economically.  In these times, “we need to know what we believe,” says Rev. Joyner who as President of the foundation seeks to educate Christians on the crucial issues of the day, including Islamic Extremism.  Through the Initiative Christians are uniting across the spectrum, and standing firm against the “Chrislam” movement, that seeks to combine both religions.  “We have a responsibility as Christian leaders to defend the truth,” he says as he adamantly rejects the notion that Allah is the same God of the Bible.  And he is bold in his defense: “Our Jesus is not coming back to kill all Christians who do not submit to Islam.”

Roger Noriega, of the American Enterprise Institute, joins Frank to discuss the latest news from Latin America, including the breaking reports that members of the Venezuelan regime are looking to move $29 billion in reserves out of the country to banks in Russia and China.  Noriega breaks down what such a move would do to the Venezuelan economy and what exactly these Chavistas have in mind.  The founder of InterAmerican Security Watch also explains how Venezuela has acted as a broker between Argentina and Iran, in which the Islamic Republic is after Argentina’s nuclear market.  Although Congress has brought considerable attention to this activity, the State Department shows no sign of curiosity and is “blind and content to be blind about what Iran is up to in this hemisphere.”

Then, National Security Journalist Rowan Scarborough, of the Washington Times, dissects the series of mistakes that led to the helicopter crash in Afghanistan, the worst loss of life endured throughout the war.  As details continue to emerge, questions remain regarding the justification of the mission and Scarborough insists they need to be asked given the possibility that our forces are ill-equipped in Afghanistan.  The best-selling author of Rumsfeld’s War claims this risk “means we cannot afford to take a procurement holiday” in defense, which makes the automatic trigger to its budget even more alarming if no agreement is reached by the Supercommittee.

Jim Hanson, however, laments the “armchair quarterbacking” that has followed the Osama Bin Laden raid and the failed helicopter mission, in which large amounts of operationally secure information has leaked to the press.  “I don’t think we know and I don’t think we should know,” says Hanson about what led to the helicopter crash.  He argues by releasing these details the safety of our special forces and their families will be compromised.  Another subject that has left Hanson in a “scathing mood” is the use of the funerals for the Seal Team Six members as a photo op for the President.  Against the family’s wishes, a White House photographer captured “a beautifully framed photo of Obama attempting to make a salute” says Hanson, who calls it a disgrace to capitalize on the deaths our combat troops.

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