Richard Miniter, Michael Coren, Dr. Barry Rubin, Andy McCarthy

· Author RICHARD MINITER explains the story behind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and what motivates him to seek the destruction of the United States and freedom at large. Why did Obama stop the first KSM trial?


· Author MICHAEL COREN discuss how the US government, as well as the rest of the free world, is kowtowing to the Islamic faith while attacking and spreading lies about Christians and Jews.


· DR. BARRY RUBIN of the GLORIA Center gives his analysis on the Israeli governments’ consolidation of power in order to ensure national security, both economically and militarily.

Israel’s centrist Kadima party to join government; early elections averted

· ANDY McCARTHY from National Review Online speaks about the KSM circus and how the defense lawyers are trying to challenge the integrity of the military court in order to collapse the trial.

The KSM Trial Spectacle

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