Robert McFarlane, Barry Rubin, Faith McDonnell, Gordon Chang

What steps can the United States take to ensure their energy security? According to Robert McFarlane, America needs to create competition against OPEC to ensure fair oil prices. OPEC keeps raising the price of oil until America tries to do something, then they drop the price and people become complacent. America has vast amounts of resources that can produce fuel alternatives such as Methanol. When will America break free from the OPEC cartel?

Obama’s policies are flawed and they are destined to fail before they can even be implemented. Obama told Iran to halt their nuclear production or else; he told Syria to stop the violence or else yet he never follows through on the or else part. Obama never anticipates other countries saying “No” to him and actually forcing him to take action. Dr. Barry Rubin elaborates on the idea that Obama would rather be friends with America’s enemies then stand-up against them. Why don’t the media highlight these failures that put American security at risk?

Why is the Obama Administration siding with Islamists that are persecuting and massacring innocent people? Faith McDonnell explains that North Sudan is trying to squash any and all freedom within their own country while undermining and massacring the people of the newly democratic state of South Sudan. North Sudan is trying to bring Sharia law to Sudan and then throughout Africa, yet Obama has done nothing to protect the free and democratic South Sudanese people. North Sudan is also trying to steal oil from the south as well as preventing the south from receiving any profits for their oil production. North Sudan claims to have no money and wants their debts to be forgiven, yet they pay $20,000/month to Iranian weapons manufacturers to build them weapons so they can keep killing innocent people.

North Korea is preparing a missile test followed by a possible nuclear test and the impact on international security is not lost on Gordon Chang. He claims that America can stop these tests, despite Obama acting like there is nothing he can do. Bush put sanctions on North Korea which almost crippled their economy, if America sanctions North Korea again along with the Chinese banks that loan them money then North Korea will stand-down. North Korea is one year closer to developing an ICBM that can reach homeland America and Iran is paying close attention. They will buy North Korean missiles if these tests are successful and their scientists are in country overseeing production. Is Iran testing their technology through North Korea? How does the rest of the region feel about North Korea attempting to test a missile?

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