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Roger Noriega, Marc Thiessen, Rep. Buck McKeon, Gordon Chang

January 19th, 2012

Ambassador Roger Noriega joins Frank to analyze the role of Iran in Venezuela and the rest of the Latin American region, and how this relationship could affect the United States. Will Latin America wake up and realize that Iran is the real aggressor? Also, Ambassador Noriega talks about the threat to the United States from the relationship between China and Panama. What will happen if the United States loses its allies in Latin America? Can we afford to ignore this threat in our own backyard?

Marc Thiessen sheds light on the incident of Al-Qaeda’s training manual magazine ‘Inspire’ being found at Guantanamo Bay, with one of the Al-Qaeda detainees. How did this anti-U.S. magazine get into a secure facility? Who is responsible for smuggling it to the detainees? Are the detainees at Gitmo getting more privileges than they should? If yes, is it justified? He concludes with his thoughts on the military tribunals under the new guidelines by the administration.

Congressman Buck McKeon, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, spends time with Frank to give his analysis on the president’s recent hollowing out of the military. You can’t just take money from the military because you don’t like what they do or because you want to give people more benefits. America has global responsibilities and our military needs to meet them. The president took the money out of the defense budget, and then built a strategy around what was left instead of making a strategy and building a budget around that. Obama is not saving money; he is just putting it into other programs so how is that really helping our deficit? What is the cost to American security as a result of the president cutting into the bone of the defense budget?

Gordon Chang, expert on Asian affairs, weighs in on the recent rumors of coup attempts in China and provides a brief ‘behind the scenes’ analysis. Is the Chinese military gaining more power over the civilians and diplomats? What does this mean for the U.S.? Gordon then goes on to talk about the implications of the recent nuclear cooperation deal between China and Saudi Arabia; as well as the Obama Administration’s Keystone pipeline decision.  With the current government increasing its dependability on the Middle East for oil, will China be the ultimate winner in this situation? Would sanctions imposed by the U.S. on Iran have serious repercussions on Chinese financial institutions?

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